about Spree

My name is Antoinette, though many call me Ani, and some call me Spree. Years ago, a joy overtook me in the kitchen. It all began with the beauty of the raw foods themselves, straight from the ground or the vine or the tree. That beauty leaves me giddy at times, and reaching for my camera.  The joy continues in the simple, and sometimes mesmerizing, processes of the kitchen – the washing, stirring, sifting, chopping – that bring me sweetly back down to earth. The ultimate joy though in working and playing with food comes when we finally put what’s been made onto a plate and  bring it to the table for some dear someone.

For  all the hands, and for all the thoughts and labors of those who’ve played a part in

putting love on our table,

I am so

deeply thankful.

. . .

 The photography is my own. Some of the recipes have been handed down; others found (I’ve got a bit of a cookbook fetish); and others seem to have found me while at play in the kitchen.   It’s my delight to share these recipes with you. You’re invited to leave a comment, or email me at

I so look forward to hearing from you!

. . .

you can visit my blog site at


2 Responses to about Spree

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Food on Fifth and leaving your nice comments. I just signed up to your blog and will stop by from time to time to visit.

  2. janina says:

    Dear Spree, I’m glad you gave this link in your recent comment on my jmnartsy blog, as I so love your food photography. It’s special, inviting, delicious-looking. Something to be shared with others, definitely!~ 😀

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